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New Jersey Affidavit for
2020 Election Full Forensic Audit

Election Integrity With
Your Vote Matters

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The more signed affidavits that we receive in support of this forensic audit... the more power and influence we have to force the audit!
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Also take some time to sign the Patriotic V's Petition:


Your Instructions
For Audit Paperwork Below Are Here:

  • Please print this document below on to Legal sized paper.


  • Fill out Page 1 with your personal information. 

  • Sign and date Page 4 only when you are in front of a  Professional Notary ( FYI - all banks offer this for free to their customers).  The bank representative will need to confirm your identity with a State issued photo identification. Please remember to take this with you to the bank!  (This  will furthermore allow us to verify that people signing the affidavits are real, alive & are American citizens)


  • Scan the signed document. Send it via email back as an attachment to:


  • Once your affidavit is received, it will be printed out 18 times. Once, Christina accumulates many affidavits, she will have them all sent Certified mail with signature confirmation and return receipt. This will confirm that the member of government it was sent to has received our demand for Forensic Audit in New Jersey. 


Although, by NJ constitution, it only takes one!  Then with any assertion we expect to hear from any one and /or all members within 72 hours. Or, each Affiant will be welcomed to enter arbitration and seek monetary damages and or we will have available to us the fullest extent of

the law to demand legally our elected Servants facilitate the will of the People as such lined out in this affidavit!  


Please let me know if you should have any questions and thank you so much for being a great Patriot! 



 It is people like you that made this country what it is today! People like you that didn’t just lay down and take it. People like you that saw a wrong and they stood up to fight to make sure that it was corrected justly!  


It is Patriots like you that will enable us to create a country that we will be proud to leave to our children and grandchildren in the future.

Thank you & God Bless the USA!


Christina Oden

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NJ Affidavit Form For NJ Residents Hosted On This Page By The Patriotic V @BusyVHive 

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Here's who is advocating for NJ state! The process of the affidavit itself below is explained at approximately 1 hr. in & forward in the video

Constitution of New Jersey - Wikipedia.j
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Read, Download & Print Below!