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Birth of the Patriotic V

Hope this note finds you all well! Today is a new day. It is Spring and the beautiful new growth in a new year on magnificent Earth that we call home!

I decided to start a new chapter for the Busy V Family! A journal of sorts with historical value. This one is free and not physically gifted. However, it is emotionally charged and my present to those who want to read it. It will be compiled of research (and my piece of mind on occasion lol) for current events, varied historical backgrounds of pertinent people and a way to immortalize my perspective as a patriotic American citizen.

I have felt a calling to create a Patriotic "V" News section for our family website for some time. Many know that I am a staunch advocate of the red, white and blue. I believe deeply in my heart about the Constitution and rights thereof. However, not all know, I am a many times over Military family member descendant. My husband is as well. We both have lineage in America that dates back combined to the mid 1600's. Our American soil roots are very deep!

Many generations dating back beyond the Civil & Revolutionary War. In our more immediate lineage, My Dad served in the Korean War. I also had 5 Uncles whom served simultaneously in all branches of service during WW2. Miraculously they all came back home to Baltimore! Here is a photo of our youngest son tending to the grave of these noble men.

My husband was active duty for the Air Force. And, very proudly, we have two sons who move the world in different ways of course. One is the essence of a Humanitarian as he is a First Responder & a Soldier in the Army who risks his life on occasion to keep his citizens safe. Our youngest (shown above) is super gifted full of life & happiness. He has academic challenges with Dyslexia but amazingly has no issues as a bowler. His dream is to become that next left-handed Pro Champion on a PBA tour. We will see lol!

Subsequently, the point is that many generations have served in this patriotic family on both sides of our maternal and paternal ancestry and we are very proud of that! Hence why I have grown to love family history and became a Genealogist to preserve our personal legacy. And what a journey it has been so far and I will share much of it in days to come.

I do believe we have done our family best to instill in our children the importance to stand humbly with pride for our blessed Ole Glory in honor of those who gave their life for that beautiful symbol.

Most importantly, I hope our children shall never forget what we have always said - which is to fear no one if their heart calls them to speak openly regarding their values.

With all this in mind - I have felt for some time now deep in my soul, that our society is loosing connection spiritually with the very blood, sweat and tears that built our nation. Simple stories that became foundational legacies are not being told completely or become mudded or sadly are ignored for varied reasons.

I worry for tainted perspectives of historical people whom have painted great journeys for our country. This bothers me immensely that political correctness is swaying contributions to society and is being removed from the textbooks of our children's education.

In my opinion, we as a nation are starting to loose sight of important facts that are at the root of this country's soil. I feel in the pit of my stomach that millions of We The People principles/rights are in jeopardy. Hard core principles that have come to sustain this nation over the past 236 years are now in limbo for the selfish greed of the few. American history deserves more from all of us and that is something that will take one day at a time to keep strong & to achieve preservation.

For me, personally right here and right now - this is my pledge to you. I am choosing going forward to use my investigative skills, as a personal Genealogist and Family Historian, to embrace both past and present stories/concerns for our nation. I want to showcase in daily living/biographical format the walks of life of all people. I want to put myself in other's shoes and understand how they became a part of our country's history. I am 100% sold on doing deep research to get to this broad picture. I am not about judging a book by its cover. That goes for anyone. We all are imperfect but beautifully created in the eyes of God!

I know with studying family lines that your, or my "Uncle Bob" or "Aunt Sally" , are so much more deep down spiritually than maybe that one story that stuck about them for generations. The scoundrel or talk of the town negatively was just like all the rest of us. Born innocent not evil. And, as a child, he/she likely had aspirations for whom they wanted to become when they grew up. Census records and historical documents really tell a lot about hardships during times we may not understand. Looking at weathered photos, you can almost truly see in eyes of our loved ones their spirit and perhaps the challenges they faced.

I am 100% certain that societal influence impacted their growth within their families. We must learn from the past not throw it away or simply remove it! To be compassionate and understand EVERYTHING makes us stronger a nation!

I do not want to be part of a cancel culture society. I will admit in this blog going forward my opinion may not be for everyone. That's ok! My personal perspective and my memories are both good and bad. However they belong to me and it is my right to share them with the world!

The goal for all of us should be to pass on to our children & grandchildren ALL OF IT. So that they can reflect maturely and responsibly on what they believe is right and wrong.

May this little bee "V" carry a message for Patriotic enrichment. God bless!

Teri V.

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