there are signs everywhere....

Spirituality is an important part of life and a source of such fulfillment. 

God speaks to us in many ways my friends & family!

Through use of the Bible, soulful prayer, companionship of others, and experiences of daily living.  All of these enrich our lives...


However, there are many other ways, he can send messages to us and I do believe a language called Gematria, I utilize Simple Gematria and think it is divine. It has given me such a source of faith and connection to the afterlife and for this I am grateful. 


I am pleased to share with you 5 video projects so far below that I have been working on with use of Simple Gematria.   I am a hopeful believer in the Kennedy legacy continuing in the near future. The numbers tell me so!  And - I faithfully stand behind my President - Donald J. Trump and await his "TRiUMPhant return                                       for the American people !!

The goal is to hear the messages that come from our Heavenly Father in many ways!

Here's what I heard below....  

Girl Holding BIble

part 1 -

DECODE: 188 & 167

part 1 - jfk
eternal love & legacy

Starter and Finisher.jpg

part 2 - jfk JR
miracles can happen

coming home.jpg

part 3 -one glorious destiny- jfkjr & president trump

part 4 -profiles of courage / field of dreams- president trump & junior

part 5 -divine: independence & heroism - 
president kennedy, president trump & jfk jr. 

part 6 -through the eyes of john- 
gospel according to john decoded with president kennedy, president trump & jfk jr.