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A story of Quality in all we do & making those cherished family memories one day at a time

Herbs and Minerals

Business that is 100% manufacturing our products in the USA that will be set up hopefully soon in Central Florida or another location somewhere warm.   We have tested all of our creations so we like to make sure what we put on our bodies is as good as what what put in our bodies with food. 

We strive to search for and utilize the best ingredients to make our products.  Our soaps, body butters, & lip balms especially are primarily with all-natural ingredients. The description for each of our products includes a detailed list of what it contains. 


Meet MY worker "v" boys

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We combine herbs, nutritious Vitamin E, and plant-based oils that are vegan and non-gmo products to make our artisan soap bases. We utilize scent oil combinations that are primarily essential  oil based. This is to retain moisture and insure desired herb/plant benefits are achieved.  Essential oil smells are faint  after the curing process. They are not heavy fragrant in our products. We believe the benefit of natural soap contents is more desired than the smell. Our opinion - Subtle is best not overbearing in skin care regime. The soaps ingredients we use are free from parabens and phthlates.


Our fragrance oils  more primarily used in our candles but sparingly used in our soaps are in compliance with the most recent guidelines published by I.F.R.A . (International Fragrance Association). And the IFRA standards are based on safety assessments from RIFM. (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials).  Always check the labels of your skin care and candle products - it is very important that each ingredient is listed in fullness.


Our family started this business because we wanted to minimize harsh chemicals, too many acids, multiple excessive colorants in one product and no knowledge of proper testing on the fragrances we smell in our body products.  As stated our family tests everything we combine and sell to our clients, your satisfaction is our top priority along with making a product that benefits your health needs!  God Bless!

With two beautiful sons, My life is buzzing all the time. My oldest worker bee served in the military and is a First Responder. He is the Good Samaritan x 100 and has enormous strength of character and courage. My youngest baby bumble bee is an aspiring youth bowler who has his eyes set on the big 300 one day! Facing some bumbles of his own personally, he has a smidgen of special needs challenges yet rises above these at every turn. Never seizing to amaze, he has great videography skills and enjoys meeting others!  Hence why the birth of our Busy V channel on Youtube! 


Purple Flower Field
Natural Herbs
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