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  • Why do the artisan soaps take multiple weeks to cure?
    Artisan soaps have to complete two phases in their development. They need to complete saponification which is the process of the oils and the lye mix (sodium hydroxide and water) coming together. Saponification in simplest terms is the time it takes the oils in the soap to adhere to the lye effectively. In a manner of speaking become one. The ph levels of this combination will decrease safely with every passing thereafter. The other step that needs to occur is in the days thereafter. Like watching and waiting for a pot to boil but the lye has to evaporate out of the soap. Wen it does this the harder the exterior will be but the pay off is grand! You will have abar that lasts longer and produces more lather. So in this case - aging is perfection!
  • Do you gift wrap your products?
    Yes! We gift wrap a few of our items before we ship. Smaller jewlery products come in a pillow shaped box that is sealed by string and charm. Our soap products are shrunk wrapped to insure freshness stays inside and moisture stays out to preserve the life of your bars. After shrink wrapping, we then wrap each bar in a decorative piece of cloth (this fabric variety can change due to demand) But will always be wrapped. This is also to further preserve your soap. And it also gives a sense of surprise for the recipient!
  • Do you deliver or can I pick up my product?
    For our neghboring county clients within Monmouth County, NJ we will deliver to your home or place of recipient free of charge. This will save you time and cost for shipping which we know can be a driving force to a sale happening and not.
  • Can I return my item for a refund?
    While we are always willing to work with our clients, we can not take back bath and body products or items that have a flame element. This is because of safety issues and hygenic reasons that are obvious. Most of our sales are final. If your product arrives damaged, we request that you reach out to us within one day of delivery confirmation so we can address your issues at hand.
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