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Our Nation was founded for the
united "States of America"


The Power Is In Your Hands America To Get Involved

Take A Stand Today! Do Something To Save Our Constitutional Republic

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CURRENT NEWS HERE from our 45th President of the United States

Read all of President Trump's Executive Orders/Proclamations that always put American Families FIRST

Read his Administration's 
Promises Made-Promises Kept 
amazing accomplishments for American Citizens HERE

Click on photos to get familiar with your god given rights

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Our Showcase Video we created to show why our oldest "V" son was inspired to become a soldier for our beautiful country.


Advocacy Orgs for Voter Integrity / Election Transparency

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Be Brave...Be Strong...  

Help Bring Change For Our Patriotic Country

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Advocacy Orgs for Patient Rights Re: Effects of Masks / Vaccines


If you want media sources where your freedom of speech will be protected - sign up at one of these / Start being free again!

One of the most beautiful accomplishments our 45th President, Donald J. Trump did before he left office was to create this historically significant 1776 Commission.


Biden has since dismantled sadly.


The goal of the commission was to insure our youth in America were informed of our U.S. Constitution and to preserve the foundational history in writing of our country that began 245 years ago!


Read it today!  Download or print before its gone from our history books forever!

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One of Our "V's" has 2 important video messages for you re: Patriotism in the U.S.A.

American Star
Power of Freedom

Power of Freedom

Watch Now

There's Power With Fighting For

To Do What You Love In the U.S.A.


Everyone Should Honor & 


What Our American Flag Represents For Our Country