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- Masks, Vaccines, Your Health -
Your Rights 

Download a Concerned Parent COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Editable Advocacy Letter For All Schools & Universities   HERE

Tutoring a Student

Timeline for these experimental, still in trials,  treatments  many do NOT understand   HERE

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Read Our Blog About Informed Consent: HERE


Current Open VAERS Database Reports of Deaths & Symptoms  HERE


About the VAERS Website



Visit Dr. Simone Gold & the entire team of Doctors at AFLDS to become educated on prevention & treatment for COVID-19 in lieu of vaccine against this pathogen that may help your health in the long run instead of taking a experimental vaccine that is not fully FDA approved yet.   

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The Vaccine Bill of Rights

Visit Leigh Dundas site above to read more about the Harm from Social Distancing, Mask-Wearing, and Lockdown that can occur for children.

Watch her below advocating for Orange County Citizen Families in CA 

2021-04-20 20_19_03-Harm from Social Dis
Study Concludes Facemasks Ineffective an

Read the Article Here

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Students with Masks
2021-04-20 20_08_20-MASKS DON'T WORK — T

Visit this site above to learn more about the science/effects thereof when wearing masks. 

Freedom Of Religion - United Solutions (

Go to this LINK at FOR-US 

to learn more & download your Exemption Form today

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