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A Timeline Many Do not Understand

SARS-Co-V2 / COVID treatment options are under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Phase 3 Studies i some cases are still underway. Yet these products have been unleashed to mass population of the world before a BLA for any of them has been approved by the FDA.

Vaccine manufacturer Biologics Licensing Application (BLA) paperwork/studies to be fully FDA approved is still abt 1.5 years out. We are NOT following same processes of the past this go round for COVID. Let me explain below.

If all previous efficacy historical scientific timeline measures were adhered to accordingly in this case ( as in the past), for a vaccine to become fully approved, the process would be 5-10 years in the making! Yes you heard that right!

We have 3 said treatment products for the SARS-Co-V2 / COVID virus circulating despite not having full FDA approval. All of them have had less than 1 year in and out of clinical trials with their specific ingredients and being placed into human being arms. You will see that below.

Part of the BLA application process requires that "sufficient" data to be submitted to ensure the quality and consistency of the vaccine product. And even then, any EUA product could be pulled off the market and/or be revoked for various reasons. My question is as it always has been - what is deemed "sufficient" for them to be ok right now.

When you are talking about Billions of people around the world and potentially making these products mandatory before they complete all their trial studies. Just like Mr. Monkey at right...I am pondering the complete evidence at this passing and numbers of population controlled studies that would validate the unknown risk to myself and my family if I say yes.....

With the SARS-Co-V2 treatments for COVID-19, this is the first time clinical trials have only extended 4-6 MONTHS in human study before giving the thumbs up to distribute to the worlds population. Don't you feel the need to question that speed? I know I do.

Its important to note: The mRNA shots in particular of the 3 on the EUA market are the very first  mRNA vaccines to be rolled out to the general public.

Here's a footnote I found on studies with animals whom were subjected in trial phase to a Coronavirus in the past that did not fair well. All the ferrets in the end died.

These vaccines are experimental compounds that use “synthetic messenger RNA (mRNA)” housed in fat cells. In 2005 an animal study was done with SARS-CoV-1 mRNA vaccines on ferrets. Two doses were administered in the same manner as the SARS-CoV-2, aka, COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines.
The ferrets showed no adverse reaction and seemed to be completely healthy. After some time, the ferrets were exposed to the SARS-CoV-1 coronavirus in the wild. The ferrets died.
The mRNA Vaccine had caused a cytokine storm, a fatal cascade of exaggerated immune responses. The SARS-CoV-1 vaccines was not further developed."

In fact - in both Pfizer and Moderna - their most recent SARS-CoV-2 products available for your use - the animal experimental studies did not have a lengthy years process prior to human study.