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Scientific Studies to Consider For Breakthrough Cases We Are Seeing

If there were medical videos and accompanying material that I could highly suggest watching & reading at this time, it would be these below. Due to breakthrough cases we are seeing - I do believe the information below is very pertinent for your research folders especially if you are considering any new injection into your body.

I do emphatically believe that every patient has the right to weigh all data/scientific studies made available to the public. I also believe that it is a human right to analyze all benefits/disadvantages of any product that goes into their body before you say yes and sign on the dotted line to becoming a recipient. Period!

Attached below are an interview with Professor Dolores Cahill, a Molecular Biologist & Immunologist from Jan-Feb. 2021 timeframe re: mRNA Vaccination. She shares the after effects outcomes she felt we could expect in months after vaccination (much is coming true today). Her interview was pre-timeframe of the current breakthrough cases for SARS Coronavirus in the population as of now.

I have also attached the scientific material/studies that she and others reference in this video below for your further scrutiny. They may help you to see the evidence she and others bring forward which validate their perspectives.

I am also attaching 2 discussion videos with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on previous mRNA research trials with animals and Dr. Vernon Coleman on his hypothesis for what would happen as a result of receiving an mRNA vaccination. Bear in mind both of these other said videos by Dr's Tenpenny and Coleman below also were done 4 and 8 months ago. So these were predictable outcomes they had put forth and are truthful assessments. This should give equal validity medically today given humans are suddenly experiencing a surge in new variant strains & hospitalizations especially after vaccination.


Disclaimer alert : I am not a Medical Practitioner. Nor am I an Expert Specialist on any of the matters discussed in this blog post. I am simply a concerned person with regard to vaccines that have not been fully studied through years of vaccine research on humans. And I am a parent who believes fully in analyzing all the medical knowledge/studies made available to me for my children. As a Genealogist by trade, I tend to study the pants off subjects of interest! And I am simply trying to give you below all the related articles to Professor Cahill's video near the bottom of this blog.


The subject matter discussed in these videos below and study articles associated are about something called ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) reactions in human subjects. A description of ADE in relation to SARS Coronavirus vaccination and how it became exacerbated in vaccine trials can be found at the National Library of Medicine in an abstract entitled:

Antibody-dependent enhancement and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and therapies / Oct. 2020

The ADE reaction was accurately found among animal studies with mRNA vaccination research. It was disclosed in peer-reviewed scientific research articles when attempting through multiple years in the past to make a Coronavirus mRNA vaccine.

And yes - During the SARS and MERS epidemics in the past animal studies with use of mRNA science unfortunately failed massively for outcome after a wild virus occurred and the injection ingredients had become immersed in an animals body. Serious health side effects or worse death reactions happened to the animals being utilized in these studies. Here's a video snippet from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny that specifically addresses the health outcome of the animals with mRNA vaccine attempts in the past.

Many do not know that there has been multiple years prior of