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Many people are unaware (we fear) that the SARS-CoV2 products are still in clinical trial studies and not fully FDA approved. Did you know that?

Both Pfizer & Moderna are becoming increasingly accessible for all humans 16 + years of age and higher. To some - they think this is good news. I personally am troubled by it and I am entitled to my perspective just like you. These injections are mostly available for mass market distribution and can be found at your local convenience stores. Convenience is wonderful for healthcare needs. However - we are most concerned with the fact that your average adult, when told that these drugs are not out of application process for full FDA approval, find themselves startled or unaware. They are clueless. In fact a member of our own family thought they were getting a flu vaccine!

It is apparent that there is a theme of a breech in Informed Consent for these patients somewhere down the line. We will not point the finger as to where. However it is important to share the following picture we compiled that is a shocker to some. This is because they did NOT know what they signed for when they "took the jab". They did not know that full FDA approval has NOT been granted yet. As we know - once you put these drugs in your body - there is no turning back from that decision!

According to the Clinical Trials Government website , readily available for purview (but very hard to find), these two injectable products specifically to right in photo are NOT out of their FDA approval timeframe. Yet millions of people stand in line and feel it is their duty to undergo being a specimen in a "trial" study. Why?

We are including the links here additionally so you can do the research on your own. You will be able to watch /follow the clinical news re: their application process for full FDA approval as time passes.

It is very important to note that both of these products above on this public database website do NOT have any official results posted under the "Results Posted" tab on these pages below..... We know a large database called the VAERS has patient initiated data but is very hard to circumnavigate for conclusion. We would like to know why though the Clinical Trials Government website in this section does not.....Wonder why?

Clinical Trials Website Link for Pfizer: Completion of Studies April 6 2023

Clinical Trials Website Link for Moderna: Completion of Studies: October 27, 2022

We are struggling to find the Johnson & Johnson Janssen data for end date of trials such as above. We think this is because the vaccine they offered was pulled from the market for a timeframe due to some severe side effects found in some patients. However on April 23, 2021 - a decision was made to allow J & J to resume injecting human beings with their product regardless of said data! We will upload an end date for their trials if we find it!


Let's not forget here; pursuant to earlier blog we did - that all of these SARS CO-V2 Virus products are still in what is called an EUA status for delivery. It's important to know what that means. You can read our post on that subject HERE.