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What is an EUA for a COVID-19 Vaccine?

by Queen V @BusyVHive

After reading a recent article entitled Ten Medical Facts Regarding The Covid-19 Experimental Vaccines published by Dr. Shelley Cole, Medical Director of America's Front Line Doctors, I feel I know even more about what I would personally call the experimentation component of this "live" data study on the human race under an EUA.  There seems to be an ever growing stronger movement of vaccinating the world's population underway in our world and in our country with enormous risks put forth that maybe you do not know about. 

This vaccine push is occurring despite there being over a 99% survival rate with proper treatments given early on with symptoms at one's disposal. There are countless ways to keep your immune defenses in check so you can fight this one off with success too!

I will go in to both of these further in another post soon to come.

I have to be painfully honest in saying that I am very worried for many pieces of the puzzle with this one. And those Queen V "Spidey Tingley's" are saying to wait. For myself and for my family. At least if possible to hold off in interim while this vaccine is still in an EUA format.

As is my right under 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3 - Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies. To make the choice on my own. Whereupon a clause way down in the law verbiage references "accept or REFUSE" an EUA drug/vaccine as following:

If I'm not mistaken with above - (and I am not a lawyer or doctor to say for sure) - However, I do believe, that little ole' clause in orange above in this Federal Reg. goes hand in glove with something called my Informed Consent unto me.

My choice to say yes or no based on what is shared with me about the drug/vaccine I am considering. With this in mind: In case you are considering taking one of the 4 vaccines currently on the market, make sure you stop by this site in picture below (click on the picture here & then scroll down to this blue section that is a snapshot below and download each doc for each vaccine) Do your research before you say yes!

This section above at the CDC is all about that beautiful thing called "Informed Consent" re: EUA meds. And those links for Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen explain for each vaccine WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GET THEIR VACCINE.

Each doc goes into detail re: the side effects, the risks, the symptoms, and the ingredients (although not all are listed for the consumer to know - for another day....)

Your patient rights are spelled out on these forms for you to accept or decline and they even explain how each of these 4 shots under the EUA classification have NOT undergone the same type of review as an FDA-approved or cleared product. That's right! Read that again for clarification - They have NOT at this juncture!!

I don't think people realize this right now. That is the BIG problem. All of these vaccine carrier products for COVID-19 are still in a stage called "trial". The FDA has not fully approved any of these vaccines for this virus on the market. Human trials for full approval are at least a year away from the standard.


Let's put the meaning of the word "trial" in perspective Through Merriam Webster, pay close attention to # 4 for definition of "trial" below.

Although all these definitions are surreal in context of talking about a vaccine labeled as "a trial"; a portion of #4 jumps out at me particularly. " subjection to suffering" Read that one and reflect.

Does suffering bother you for yourself? Even more so - does it bother you for your children and babies and our elderly - The word "suffering" is pretty harsh in my book.

To me when I think of the FDA/CDC/WHO (and whatever other 3 letter acronym that applies) being in a "trial" stage with a Covid-19 vaccine, yet at the same time pushing it to the masses as a vetted viable option for a Virus is very misleading. In and of itself, it does not even have a 1% death rate. Am I alone standing in the woods on this one trying to understand the urgency to place such risk and/or restrictions on my family? I hope not!

A potential "mandatory" vaccine (or you don't get to live life freely here in the USA) is despicably wrong in my opinion! Not to mention, it is unconstitutionally put forth! Clearly - for me, it makes me want to run the other way! How about you?


I am an American citizen with unalienable rights which God gave to me and all men and women at Creation. And upon which, I know too that governments can not, nor should they ever strive to, take those rights away from me or any of us! Period!

In America, this fundamental truth is fully recognized. It is so sacred in fact that it was enshrined in our nation's birth certificate, the Declaration of Independence

Perhaps you'd like to read that special historical document again here for reference. Ponder how intuitive our Founding fathers really were!

As it is very clearly stated on that magnificent piece of paper what God bestowed on me & YOU. We all have many rights. Among these are the most important - Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. There definitely is no happiness in being forced to do something is there?


So exactly how does an EUA medicine/vaccine being authorized bring some significance with regard to the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Read this article here on where an EUA sits in the realm of the COVID-19 virus needs spectrum. Although written in December, it does show both sides of the coin. It is written by Sravya Chary and entitled:

He describes that through thru the FDA an EUA is.... "an Emergency Use Authorization.... a tool that allows an unapproved medical product to be released to the public in a health crisis given that the medical product meets statutory criteria outlined in Section 564 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. "

So my question is this....What was the statutory criteria that was met to get this approval to use humans in a trial study with so many things to consider?

I'm very confused by that " available alternatives clause" above.....

I know that there are adequate, approved and available alternatives to help fight COVID-19 now that have worked significantly well as treatments! Sadly - much of these options keep getting removed on social media for reasons that are so misfortunate for patients. Health and all the alternatives to make someone well should not be a subject that is censored!!


See this video below when you have time. You will find that there are alternative treatments for COVID that have had astounding results. Using them, just so you know, do NOT require you to take an "experimental not fully approved" EUA vaccine at this time.

Dr. Richard Bartlett appeared on Clay Clark's ThriveTime Show for an interview about COVID-19 alternative treatments that have worked amazingly well! I learned a lot. You should hear too!

Below - I also have attached Dr. Bartlett's report he put forth with Alexandria Watkins, DNP-APRN about the drug Budesonide as a co-treatment option among other prescribed fully FDA approved drugs for his patients.

Case Study Report SARS-CoV-2 and The Cas
Download • 282KB


Did you know that all COVID-19 vaccines will NOT be out of the "trial" phase for full FDA approval until late 2022 into 2023? Yes thats right!!!!!

Did you also know that this level of EUA has never happened in history before? WOW!

So in other words you could say that if you take this vaccine...You are indeed a test subject in a wild experiment! Congrats to you... No thank you....

It could go well for you or may not unfortunately. Is it worth the abundant risk and walking down a path unchartered with seemingly many risks knowing there are prevention supplements you can take to increase your immunity defenses and there are treatment options that could do good things for you. taking these without the risks associated to the experimental stage right now.

This all makes me think of the Centrifuge thru NASA. perhaps you don't know what that is. Let me enlighten you. It is about studying effects of how much G force an Astronaut can sustain before he/she becomes ill or discombobulated. Think about it - That's you! You are the G Force subject in the hot seat!

However the after effects for you may not be something you can get over or maybe you will! Although this clip from Rocketman is very funny - it should give you pause for thought. Two men are put in that hot seat - one doesn't do well and the other does. But look at this from the perspective of taking that shot. You are the guy in the test seat! Will you walk away or get ill?

Needless to say - I am, as a concerned parent, very unsettled about the direction this vaccine could be headed personally for my family (and our liberties) and the future ability for my boys to have children in years to come if there is serious concern for fertility afterwards.

Dr. Carrie Madej really shared some startling facts/details about that subject. She is an esteemed colleague of America's Frontline Doctors. Some of the analysis in this video is mind boggling for why anyone would not think twice to take the chance. Please if nothing more - watch this one from this post. It is perhaps one of the best I have ever shared!

I do know that before our family makes a final decision - our informed consent is fundamental and something no one should take for granted. It is essential for each and every one of you to study all the raw data at your disposal.

Lastly - I will share with you a great resource that tabulates symptoms, effects and deaths of those that have taken the COVID-19 vaccine injections : Open VAERS portal data thru the National Vaccine Information Center & Med Alerts.

Please do your best to listen to all videos and articles written by the doctors whom may be adverse to jumping for the shot. The question is why?

Its important to maintain a balance of evidence before you put your health on the line.

Weighing pros and cons for your family should always be the #1 goal in your life. God bless!

Queen V Signing Off For Now

April 28, 2021

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