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A Book Written Way Before Its Time With An Ending That Historically Came True 14 Years Later.

Part 1 - Crazy story folks with many nooks & crannies. Time for a journey into the past with a little bit of history for you that you may not know.

Morgan A. Robertson, an American author born in 1861 wrote many short stories. He was a self-proclaimed inventor of the Periscope. Perhaps the most haunting book he wrote was the fictional one at left. It was published in 1898 and the 1st edition book cover is shown - Does it look familiar to you?

The book information can be found here as a story for your reading pleasure: The Wreck of the Titan: Or, Futility. As the story goes, a fictional British ocean liner named the SS "Titan" sinks in the ocean on a fateful chilly day. Wait... what?? Let's delve a little into this one as my interests were peaked to say the least....