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A Busy V Original!  And you get not 1 but 2!!!  This one is our favorite - tried and true!  Its been tested numerous times in our family.  We love that we have included so many ingredients that really make using this soap a true joy in our family!


Goat's milk and also glycerin soap based, it has some etra Vitamin E, grounded oatmeal, lemon zest, lavender buds and honey galore.   Jam packed with earthly goodness - a Busy V original blend of fragrance is in this one!  Not much by way of fragrance is needed as we know too much of a good thing can be bad for your soaping needs. Abundance of natural ingredients is imperative!


One things for sure - it is wrapped very honey beeish and fits right into our theme for our business! A Hallmark Busy V original.  Try it today - Its a winner!


You are purchasing 2 of the Burst of Sunshine soaps with this purchase.  props in photo are not included!  All of our finished products are Pesticide Free, Non GMO & are paraben free. 

2 Pack - Burst of Sunshine Goat's Milk Lavender & Lemon Zest Bar Soaps

  • This has a natural vegetable base that is a melt and pour mold consistency within hours.  It does not require a long cure timeframe. It is a Paraben free base and consists of:

    • Shea Butter/Goats Milk/White Glycerin Soap Base (depending upon the recipe)
    • Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Glycerin, Sodium Byproducts, & Purified Water


    The Burst of Sunshine Bar has the following specifically:

    • Goats Milk & also a Glycerin Base
    • Lemon Zest*
    • Lavender buds inside and on exterior bottom*
    • Rolled grounded Oats*
    • Organic honey that is raw and USDA certified as natural
    • Yellow Soap Dye Colorant
    • 3 oils to create a Citrus Scent (Busy V original blend)


    * Some discoloration of the herbs on the top or inside of the soap is natural. It is not indicative of a soap gone wrong. As a a point of reference, almost all herbs/flowers/fruit grinds turn brown/black naturally with exception to only a few. 



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