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This is a very large bar with aternating layers of sweet goodness.  Vanilla (White) and peppermint (Red).  Perfect candycane look!  Dried peppermint is interspersed throughout the bar. This one sure is fragrant and festive for the Holiday Season. 


Ole Smoky in attached photos shows a finished product and how this one will look shipped to you.  Sorry he is not coming along lol. But the bee on top of his head will make sure your bar makes its way out the door right away on his behalf! 


Get yours today as this one is ready to go upon ordering! 


This listing is for one (1) bar of Artisan Soap Block as listed and shown. No props for pictures are included in your purchase today...Sorry!



Candy Cane Wishes - Molded Guest Soap Bar

  • This has a natural vegetable base that is of a melt and pour mold consistency within hours.  It does not require a long cure timeframe. It is a Paraben free base and consist of:

    • Shea Butter/Goats Milk/White Glycerin Soap Base (depending upon the recipe)
    • Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Glycerin, Sodium Byproducts, & Purified Water


    The Candy Cane Wishes Two Tone Bar has the following specifically:

    • White Glycerin Base
    • ground peppermint inside and on bottom (May discolor*)
    • Oils of vanilla & peppermint & other Fragrant Oil
    • Colorants of Red Mica Powder and White Titanium


    * Some discoloration of the herbs on the top or inside of the soap is natural. It is not indicative of a soap gone wrong. As a a point of reference, almost all herbs/flowers turn brown naturally when dried with exception to only one (calendula). 

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