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Just what ole smoky himself needs - some hot cocoa!  Cap this cute square of soap off with an actual cup of hot cocoa and a fireplace and you are all set!  Nice blend for the winter and all its natural splendor! 


Smells of a blend of cocoa, and cinnamon and cocoa powder interwine with a twist of chocolate inside to make fun unique creations that are different every time.  


You are purchasing 1 hot cocoa square soap in decorative packaging. (Other items in photo are not for sale....went to the Smoky Mountains for our family owned resident bear himself...But he will become a focal point for these Busy V's!  




Cup of Hot Cocoa - Guest Soap with Shea Butter

$6.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
  • Primary Ingredients for our shaped molded soaps:

    Natural vegetable base that is of a melt and pour mold consistency within hours.   It is a Paraben free base and consists of:

    • Shea Butter or Goats Milk (depending upon the recipe)
    • Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Glycerin, Sodium Byproducts, & Purified Water


    The Hot Cocoa Soap Square has specifically:

    • Shea Butter Base
    • ground cocoa powder
    • chocolate and cinnamon specks inside and on top*
    • essential oil of cinnamon and some fragrance oil 
    • Light tan colorant 


    * Some discoloration of botanical ingredients on the top or inside of the soap is natural. It is not indicative of a soap gone wrong. As a a point of reference, almost all herbs/flowers turn brown/black naturally when dried with exception to only one (calendula). 

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