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Perfect blend for the green lover in all of us who just needs a cup of tea to get you through the day!


This one is very earthy and smells like a brewed cup of steaming Green Tea and Chamomile. A twist of bergamot, some lemon and jasmine essential oils round out the essence and image of your sitting in a garden in bloom taking in the flowers all aaround you while reading a favorite masterpiece with your hot beverage.  We have added in extra Vitamin E, some raw honey, green tea powder and topped with some dried chamomile on the loaf. 


This listing is for one (1) bar of Artisan Soap Block as listed and shown. No props for pictures are included in your purchase today...Sorry!


Spot of Tea - Block Artisan Soap

  • This one takes 4-6 weeks to cure before it can ship out to you. Should be ready by last week in September!


    All our finished products by our business are made with pesticide free, non-gmo, paraban free ingredients.


    Our Cold Pressed Artisan Soaps Include:

    • 5 Oils - Coconut, Olive, Palm, Castor Oil and Sweet Almond
    • Sodium Hydroxide Solution (Distilled Water & Lye)
    • Vitamin E
    • Essential Oils and/or Fragrance Oils (If recipe calls for it)
    • Botanical Herbs (On top & inside if recipe calls for it) *
    • Colorants (If recipe calls for it)

    We pride ourselves on the fact that over 87% of each artisan soap block base is comprised of saponified organic natural oils and distilled water. And that mostly botanical herb ingredients from our own garden in the summer are in our products!


    No unnecessary chemicals are added in & all-round good earth components were sourced in the USA!  Only 3% of our soap block is constituted with a fragrant element. That is very minimal in the industry. Our soaps are not overbearing on smell as we prefer subtlety. Our soaps are more about the benefits of organic natural ingredients for cleaning vs. synthetic appeal.


    "As a Mom, (the Busy V Queen), I personally LOVE the fact that we have control over what goes on our bodies for cleaning in addition to what goes inside for nourishment!"  -  Teri V, Owner of Busy V's


    As a side note: * Discoloration during curing of any herbs/spices that may be on the top or inside of the soap is natural. It is not indicative of a bad soap.  As a a point of reference -  almost all herbs/flowers turn brown/black naturally with exception to a few.

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