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Patriotic V's
Stinger List

Businesses/school institutions/organizations below we have learned are NOT providing same type of accessibility rights to patrons w/o first requiring a COVID-19 Vaccination to be treated equally.

Sadly, by taking such a divisive stance, we believe they are unfairly r
estricting liberties of EVERY United States citizen on basis of denying informed consent rights. They are implementing policies that seemingly force Un-Vaccinated COVID-19 patrons into making an uncomfortable personal health care decision to garner same benefits as other individuals. This is unacceptable as a human being. 

Although it is every business's right to incorporate restrictions for their customers - WE THE PEOPLE have the right to choice wisely whom we patronize and give our hard-earned money to.

Patriots of America we suggest you choose wisely whom you select to give your dollars to today! Your God given rights to retain life, liberty & pursuit of happiness are at stake.  You must stand up for what you believe in. We think that by selecting whom you solicit for services for your family is one way to fight back to dictatorship! 


Purple Dog Balloon

Refusing to offer wishes to "unvaccinated" children even though children under 12 aren't yet eligible to receive COVID vaccines even if they wanted one.  

Image by Fernando Jorge
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