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Over-Reaching Authority by State Government with Mask Mandates / Potential Vaccine Passport Registries because of the COVID-19 Pandemic MUST come to an end in New Jersey Today!


Surgical Mask
2021-05-21 17_13_46-new jersey outline m

We Are
Jersey Strong!

NJ Residents want a
"Mask Optional"
track the recovery nj chart covid cases.
NJ Today
as of May 23, 2021!
Read all bullets below
Study the data links in green   
sign petition At bottom today! 
  • I do believe mask mandates restrict NJ businesses, schools, churches & family gatherings. Scientific data in support of lesser restrictions has been hopeful. Our state in chart above via CDC data indicates NJ is no longer in an imminent state of emergency w/ new COVID-19 cases.

  • I believe NJ businesses continue to suffer and should be able to all open back up with NO restrictions for ALL New Jersey residents. In New Jersey, as of May 12 2021, the total small business revenue decreased by 32.8% & the number of small businesses open decreased by 38% compared to January 2020. 

  • I believe New Jersey needs to be a "Mask Optional" state immediately for ALL citizens! 14 months to "flatten the curve" and "follow the science" has proven effective to keep our communities safe. Considering almost half of our state population has already been vaccinated willingly against the SARS-CoV-2 Virus and 58% of the state has received at least one dose I believe we are well on the path of recovery. 

  • I believe in New Jersey that our elected leaders within all branches of state/local government/township councils/school boards should NOT have a continued authority over covering a person's mouth.  I will do my best faithfully however to abide by social distancing guidelines that are set forth by our state.

  • I believe that mandatory never-ending COVID-19 Executive Order Provisions & Mask Mandating (with no near deadline in the future) are detrimental to my state.

  • I believe NJ's House Bill A5777 waiting to be passed in state legislature session is being held over the heads of NJ citizens indefinitely (in addition to mouths) against our will! This bill would give Gov. Murphy authority over me and my family until January 2022!  It would not end the pandemic mandates. Therefore, it serves to strengthen the control our Governor has over me. I believe we all need to call our elected State Assembly members and tell them to vote NO on this one right away!

  • l believe it is damaging both psychologically & physically for children of all ages to continue with a requirement of wearing face masks at school. Children have had some of the lowest COVID 19 virus transmission rates in the country & are among the lowest number of deaths nationally. NJ COVID19 positive cases as of May 13, 2021, for children is less than the national average cumulatively for all children in the country.  Nationally, as of May 14 2021, the American Academy of Pediatrics reports that our nation as a whole is at the lowest number of new weekly cases for children since late-October

  • I believe wearing a mask should not be required for ANY o0r selective students or faculty members to teach/ or receive an appropriate in person education in our state. All schools should be "mask optional" without limitations  thereof. 

  • I believe overall that Child Mortality rates from COVID-19 Virus patients are the lowest number of cases in our country.  Children have represented .01% of mortality rates representative of polled 43 states from May 2020-May 2021. Although these numbers are devastating, in and of itself, the mortality rates for children do NOT outweigh the irreparable damage that could occur to ALL children's' health with long-term mask wearing. I believe the scientific longitudinal data is just not there scientifically to insure my child is free from harm with continued mask mandates. 

  • I believe it would be discriminatory for any School District to plan to divide their student population on basis of SARS-Co-V2 vaccination or not. To require the unvaccinated to mask up & vaccinated can be free from mask.  This type of dividing population is strongly admonished and could be psychologically damaging for students in our state! 

  • I firmly believe it is unconstitutional for elected leaders within all branches of my state/local government/township councils/school boards/churches to enact a form of vaccine passport/identification registry system in NJ that is used in conjunction with an Emergency Use Authorized not fully FDA approved drug treatment. This type of program would hinder all NJ citizen liberties. Everyone in our state should be entitled to equal access inside/outside of all public facilities/services (whether they choose to be vaccinated or unvaccinated) against the SARS-Co-V2 virus in the state of New Jersey. 


  • I strongly believe that if I a mask mandate and/or vaccine passport/identification registry system was to be enabled in NJ, that works in conjunction with the other, that any branch of my state/local government/township councils/school board/churches/business organization that chooses to implement such policy in their place of business/school/organization would be initiating a segregation policy among citizens. Historically, human experimentation segregation has had enormous consequences. Read Nuremberg Code of 1947. The decision to vaccinate or not against the SARS-Co-V2 virus while a drug is in Emergency use Authorization is a personal health care choice. Mandating an EUA product is forbidden by Federal law  21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(I-III)

  • I believe vaccinations are personal health care decisions. If someone has chosen to refuse the EUA SARS-CoV-2 vaccination, this should not deny unto them the same appropriate service, education  or mask-free options like other customers/students/business individuals who may have decided to vaccinate against the COVID-19 virus.  It is our right as a human race to say no to experimental injections. We are all deserving of equal protections under the law because of Informed Consent for EUA drugs

  • I believe it is my Federal Informed Consent right to have a choice (without penalty) to refuse being administered an injection of an unlicensed drug that has not been cleared from a Biologics Licensing application.


  • I feel furthermore that it is another act of inhumanity to  place limitations on anyone that would be requiring to wear a mask if they are unwilling to relinquish informed consent rights choosing not to be a recipient of an EUA product into their body. I believe no one should feel coerced, obligated or forced to comply with allowing these SARS-Co-V2 vaccine products into their body if they do not want to comply. I am now firmly aware that these products have NOT gained full FDA approval and are awaiting a BLA before they become licensed. See completion dates: 

Pfizer: April 6, 2023     

Moderna: October 27, 2022 

J & J Janssen: Jan. 2, 2023

  • I believe that it could be wrongful misguided intent for any "place of employment" that one inquires for a job, or works for already, in our state, to hinder said job opportunity with SARS-Co-V2 vaccine obligatory requirement. I have learned that Employers May Be Held Liable for ‘Any Adverse Reaction’ if They Mandate COVID Vaccines.    In other words, for a place of business to pressure an employee to sign a waiver of consent receiving an Emergency Use Authorized injection or wear a mask indefinitely if you don't is not free from civil recourse on the employee's part if they were to become ill thereafter. 

  • I believe any "school" board, district administration, or university institution that is requiring of a student to  involuntarily continue to wear a mask because they will not allow an Emergency Use Authorized SARS-CoV-2 treatment to be injected into their bodies are not free from discriminatory liability as well. The SARS-Co-V2 EUA vaccines drugs require informed consent  with an option to refuse without a form of duress to comply. 

  • I am pledging that I will be choosing to support by shopping herein local NJ businesses or shops that are trying to stand up to ending over-reaching executive orders of confinement with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic in New Jersey. An example of this would be organizations/school districts/businesses that advocate for "mask optional" guidelines for their customers and are not pushing for/requiring thereof, implementation of a form of vaccine passport registry database system among their customers/employees. .

  • I am further stating that I will proudly support by advertising word of mouth an awareness campaign of the New Jersey places that have allowed myself & my family to be "mask-optional".  Busy V Hive will be supplying a list on their website of local consumer/ business shops/locations that I will patronize gladly if they stand up for my Constitutional rights to be free of mask and an EUA vaccine in my state. This pro-active measure on my part should help all local stores increase their business productivity so that they can get back into a state of recovery and growth without government interference in NJ.

  • I firmly say here and now that YES I AGREE 14 months has been long enough to have "flattened the curve" and "followed the science" in my state regarding the COVID19 pandemic in New Jersey. 

  • I believe our state has lawfully abiding residents who have always put fellow neighbors/citizens first. I will along with all of them continue to respectfully oblige to following all non personally physically restricting social distancing requirements of our state.

  • I am ready to move on for our state but not in fear. I am demanding to get back to my civil liberties as an American citizen  living in New Jersey.


  • I full heartedly agree that our Jersey Strong state must be a "mask optional" free society effective as of YESTERDAY and Governor Murphy and his fearmongering tweets can hit the highway immediately! Signing YES today

track the recovery NJ small businesses o
This chart above at Track The Recovery reflects New Jersey Open Businesses as of May 13, 2021 is down -38%:
2021-05-23 08 Percentage of New Jersey i
58% of NJ Residents have already received at least one dose of the SARS-Co-V2 vaccines  based on USA Facts Website data
Stop NJ Bill A5777 NOW.jpg
These two charts below for children can be found at the Academy of American Pediatrics (AAP) website HERE:
nj child positive covid cases AAP.jpg
child mortality annually to covid
CHD Guidance on mandating Masks The Law.
1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Doctors Have Filed a Lawsuit for Violations of the Nuremberg Code regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic
CHD Guidance on mandating Vaccines The L
know the rules of informed consent.jpg
AFLDS Doctors Legal Eagle Dream Team.jpg
2021-05-23 11_53_42-Masks & The Law.jpg
2021-05-23 11_54_30-Vaccines & The Law.j

Couple of Governor Murphy Pandemic Stats from his tweets
(Week of May 17th)
Lack of  "Following the Science"   shown in all charts we provided

He just won't let go of his hold on YOU & other NJ  residents with his Pandemic over-reaching authority.  

May 27-Cumulative cases -New Jersey COVI
2021-05-23 12_10_08-Governor Phil Murphy
2021-05-21 09_45_32-Governor Phil Murphy

NJ Coronavirus Tracker 
Website Stats:

As of May 21, 2021
2021-05-21 17_32_01-N.J. Coronavirus Tra
All New Jersey COVID-19 Daily Statistics can be found at the

New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub Website
May 27 Covid confirmed cases numbers NJ.
2021-05-21 17_32_36-N.J. Coronavirus Tra
Patriotic V - Copy.jpg
NJ Petition No COVID Mandates
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