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Over-Reaching Authority by State Government because of the COVID-19 Pandemic MUST come to an end in New Jersey Today!

NJ Petition - no more covid mandates
Results page 

(as of May 26, 2021)

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We Are
Jersey Strong!

Petition Results as of May 26 2021x3.jpg
All New Jersey COVID-19 Daily Statistics below can also be found at:

New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub Website

(As of May 25, 2021)
Petition Results as of May 26

* This page will be updated daily with all the public data accumulated from our petition above.  It also we hope will become another source  location for daily updates from NJ COVID database websites and the national VAERS COVID Death totals that are at our disposal.


The most recent pie charts above for our Petition will reflect adding on the day prior signers votes. These pie charts will be updated every couple days. 


The NJ No More COVID Mandates Petition started May 25, 2021. All of the pie graphs will represent a compilation of data since that May 25th date. 


Current Open VAERS Database Reports of Deaths & Symptoms  HERE
About the VAERS Website

May 27 Covid confirmed cases numbers NJ.
May 27 = daily cumulative case numbers -
2021-05-27 07_53_43-New Jersey COVID-19
May 27 Confirmed Mortality NJ.jpg
May 27 - Hosptal and venilator stats-New
May 27-Cumulative cases -New Jersey COVI
May 28 County Data.jpg
May 28 Governor Ranking.jpg
Worthy Video below for families to watch as it is explained what the vaccine is all about & questions thereof before you decide to say yes!
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