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Election Integrity - Stand For America

Mike Lindell's Last Video and Lawsuit just released/filed. Guarantee Part #4 is one that every American citizen should download/watch!

Part #4 - Absolutely 9-0

Read Accompanying Mike Lindell Lawsuit & download directly here.

Download PDF • 1.70MB

There is much to still question that was never answered in any court of law. Just avoided. Hopefully Mike will have his day in court for all of America!


Here are the other 3 videos that came before the last one.

Part #3 - Absolute Interference

Part #2 - Scientific Proof

Part #1 - Absolute Proof


If we move forward w/ HR1 - Our elections will become fully digitalized and online for all elections. What you see in these videos above - will only get worse. Unfairness will be solidified. More fraud will be possible vs. impossible.

Transparency with forensic audits (that should be happening after every Presidential election) will be a thing of the past. And there will be no way to insure every vote counted. Is that what we want? To be like lost in a forest not knowing how we will get out with our questions?

Take the time to understand the gravity of this material above from within all these videos. This is not a D or R situation; it never was. Its an American rights preservation. Know that #ElectionIntegrity is a must along w/ full transparency from beginning to end for elections or our country does not belong to #WeThePeople ever again!

In my opinion the #LindellLawsuit is spot on! And I dearly hope he gets his day in court to prove this case for America that no one can or should highjack one of our most precious rights in America - the right for our vote to count!

Queen V Signing Out!

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