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Get up Off Your Rump & Advocate For Your Liberties Today

In an urgent plea/admission of a Constitutional crisis for the United States of America-over 120+ Retired Admirals & Generals of our great land - made a profound statement of unified strength for all American citizens yesterday May 12, 2021.

The organization's message is NOT one to sit back idly and ignore or play party lines with intent. As a whole, the message was loud & clear for America as we are one nation and one voice together.


It is time to WAKE UP.

It is time to remind yourself the liberties your ancestors fought for as PATRIOTS.

It is time for election integrity reform that preserves all citizens Constitutional FREEDOM.

It is time to hold accountable elected leaders working for you; your rights are AT STAKE.




The power is YOU. It always has been. We just forgot what it meant as a unified country and our sovereign rights as citizens.

Read the whole article here put forth by 120+ esteemed Admirals/Generals of

You can also download it HERE:

2021 Open Letter from Retired Generals a
Download • 199KB


Be inspired America! Be that firecracker for our country - YOUR country! Write to your elected leaders in your towns, and state & DC explaining your perspective on matters at hand in our country. Peacefully assemble at your local city government buildings and gather petitions among all who attend. Share your knowledge of the US Constitution & the Declaration of Independence with our children so our rich history of strength & courage does not dwindle away. Study the bills your politicians are putting forth in local state legislature. Ask fruitful questions of how all of these actions can be proven as secure & mutually beneficial for all American citizens. Join organizations that represent your fundamental beliefs & describe who you are in your soul. What's right for me - may not be right for you. But please do something to stand up for our nation! Read up about American Citizen Action in our Patriotic V News Tab of our Busy V Hive website.

We are building this section of our family site for everyone we love. We welcome any/all you want to request we share that truly represents the most sincere ideals our Founding Fathers fought for when we became a country as one Nation under God. Fighting to preserve our Constitutional rights and uphold the virtues established in our Declaration of Independence some 245 years ago are pivotal to our survival.

Most importantly wanted to relay today - that you need to now do your part and find your voice! The time is now! Don't be afraid or use any excuse because it could all be gone.

This is YOUR country America the Beautiful. It does not belong to any other nation. it belongs to YOU - #WeThePeople May #GodBlessTheUSA

Together we are all the Land of the Free. But please don't ever forget we are indeed only free because of the courageous actions of those who served Bravely in our past. Have a blessed day!

Signing off

Queen "V"


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