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AZ Forensic Audit Must Continue for America!

#electionintegrity matters. #AZaudit transparency does exist! #wethepeople matter! #dontbefooled by any opposition! Few points here folks with some links you may want to gander as #historyisinthemaking.


Efforts to stop the audit in AZ are based on "new concerns by the opposition" even though the audit has been on the table for months and they could have brought action sooner! Opposition is stressing worries over said election integrity & protecting the security of the ballots in the process.

They are worried that this will be an illegitimate audit because of not securing the ballots and that all parties can't see the evidence. Hmmm.... Sound like a familiar concern that was never solved that started 6 months ago???? Lightbulb was definitely shining at least for one party long before now....

Here's one said article of 100's I have dated Nov. 6, 2020 with re: to Election integrity in AZ:

Changing the narrative is indeed a tactic often used by any opposing side in conflict! To twist an already existing issue around to fit the mold of what is needed. The opposing to claim the topic as their own; quickly defusing the importance of the subject as a whole. Trying to give it less credibility for the side that had already brought it forth in the first place. Changing the same narrative in their favor. I've seen it about 3,000 times over the past 6 months sadly....Like a game of chess - But who are the pawns in this game of chess??? We The People!!!

In this case this situation ultimately hurts We The People. Those fighting for a clean and upfront process know we all deserve an honest, free & fair election process that is vetted and transparent. One that has left no doubt for the voters! Remember that please.

We all deserve a full forensic audit investigation in its entirety! I personally really think we need this for all 50 states in our country to insure this past November 2020 election was all on the up and up and indeed NOT fraudulent in any way! But that's just me..... Who agrees?


To the dissenters right now.....regardless of your aisle seat....Our US Constitutional American Citizen rights are NOT to be about a political party agenda!!! I for one, am deeply tired of the yo yo going back and forth and the constant fighting! I want you to know I am not smiling (like this child in this pic) as my rights, and we the people rights as a whole, are not like a blasted toy in your hands!

Classic strategy by both parties (in any situation) is to discount the already "there-there" merits of the subject at hand.

We, the citizens of the USA must STAND UP and seriously question the credibility of anyone opposed since day one to properly vet ALL of the election evidence as a whole. Just being honest - if you have nothing

to hide than you shall not be scared of what comes of it! I know I'm not alone in feeling this way!

So here goes:


#1 - Those who volunteer for this forensic audit they HAVE TO BE Maricopa county residents. You can't send the form in unless you can check off that you are indeed a concerned county resident. You have to provide 3 references when you apply and they are backgrounded. The observers (from all parties) are ones in the orange shirts. See their intake form here to sign up if you are from that area:

Also review the Scope of Investigation Documents Contract by the auditing team at this same site too. Its extensive on many levels and worthy of your eyes on it!


#2 - There are 9 cameras in the AZ building running 24/7 over the next 40 days. All of We the People can watch at any time.

I'm sure you can send a note along to re: your concerns if you find something nefarious worthy of review.... It is my understanding that ALL news orgs were invited in to building to watch the process in motion. Although only OANN has chosen to livestream for duration as I know it. Start some watch parties if you want!

This way your eyes are on it all the time to insure security & transparency! Here's the link to watch at your convenience. Its fun to see the process in motion alas:


#3 - It appears there have been guard (s) the past 2 nights since the ballots arrived and the process begun. That's some consolation - however not enough!! AZ Rangers are indeed volunteering their personal time to protect the perimeter inside the building. We should donate to a fund that supports their effort!

Reach out to them here to donate to their org to say thank you to these brave men and women. Please help fund their efforts to bring security to the building of the audit and those that are working patriotically for our country inside and out.

I do know Paypal refused for awhile to let a fund go forth that supported these brave men and women in this election effort. My understanding is that it has been rectified. You can read about that censorship article about Paypal here: PayPal suspends donations to volunteer ‘Rangers’ providing armed security during Arizona audit


#4 - If something happens on exterior of the forensic audit building, it will unfortunately be because the Gov of AZ did not act accordingly when requested!

President Trump had made a formal request of the Gov. of AZ to immediately activate the National Guard onsite to further secure the premise for all of our concern.

If something happens to the building or the ballots, it will be because Governor Ducey of AZ looked the other way during this historical investigation for election integrity and did not act on all of our behalf.

Read an article about the concerns for safety at the Auditing building here:


#5 - The Queen V (did a sting operation of her own lol) and was able to find additional pics of the auditing site set-up to help all of our American Citizens understand what they are seeing online at the site w/ all the cameras. These pics below show how the tables are set up & the camera numbers in relation to their angles. See below.

Please share the Busy V Hive blog page here w/ anyone concerned!

This forensic in depth audit is for all of us. And regardless of outcome, this one needs to go forth for our country so that once and for all the meritorious evidence shall be considered for AZ which unfortunately never saw the light of day in court.

Thanks for reading! God bless & enjoy watching!

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